Chemıcal Waterproofıng System For Concrete

HYFIX is uniquely formulated to form water blocking Nano-Minerals™ via reacting with natural by-products created by the cement hydration process and excess water. These minerals form an impermeable structure due to their strong physical and chemical bond with the concrete matrix sealing the structure permanently against water. HYFIX Chemical Waterproofing System is applicable both from the positive and negative hydrostatic pressure sides. HYFIX Nano Minerals™ not only prevent the harmful effects caused by Chloride and Sulphate ions but also protect the reinforcing bars from corrosion and carbonation. Smart Nano Minerals™ embodied in the concrete matrix are formulated to reactivate in the presence of water to heal the occurring hairline cracks in the concrete prolonging the structure's service life.

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  • Applicable under any weather condition suitable for concrete works
  • Does not require a primer or a protection layer
  • Reactive and selfhealing
  • Can be applied from both Positive and Negative hydrostatic pressure sides

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